Keeping strays out of Shelters


A large part of my study on lost cat behavior has been the cycle of stray cats within the shelter system. The reclaim rate for dogs at most shelters is around 30%

but for cats, the national average is a sad 2%.


Interested in changing this and making a difference at your shelter? A simple start is to offer your shelter this free presentation and your community a link to these educational materials on your website or Facebook page.



Educational booklet & video covers trapping, tracking, lost cat behavior, how and when to search, poster & flyer templates, illustrating the key tools and knowlege needed to get lost cats found.


Ready to decrease your Shelter's feline intake while increasing your RTO rate? Educate the public. 

Ask for the free shelter presentation deck:


"How to increase feline RTO rate while decreasing intake."

Put SHELTER HELP in subject line to