The TRACKING COLLAR made for cats

As a pet detective finding lost cats, I'm often asked, “What’s the best GPS tracking collar so we never go through this again?"


Most GPS collars are too bulky for cats. The GPS battery dies in two days. A decent GPS collar costs hundreds and charges a monthly service fee. Worst of all, lost cats hide in places where a GPS tracking collar won't register.


This is why Henry and I invented a new kind of cat tracking collar. And it's super-simple to use:

Collars two colors.jpg
Cat tracking collar zones.jpg
Glow collar night pic.jpg

The GLOW track cat collar has a reflective border for daytime and lights up using a watch battery at night. Visible from 300 feet away, you can find your cat day or night, even if they are hiding in bushes, under a car, even up a tree.


Of course, you can add a GPS cat tracker to the collar. I suggest the Pawtrack GPS pet tracking collar for roving adventure cats, a small RF tag that beeps for indoor/outdoor cats, or a Cat Tailer disc for the homebody cat who hides inside or rarely goes beyond 50 feet of the door.


Cats can be creatures of habit, so a collar camera can inform you of where they go so you know where to look if they go missing. I created a cat camera ofr Henry so I can see what he sees when we search for lost cats. So many of my lost cat clients loved the lighted collar plus camera and decided to market them to see who else might be interested. 

If you'd like a cat tracking collar with a camera, email me at this address and let me know if you want your lighted collar customized!

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Henry wearing collar cam.JPG

Now cats can go out without going missing.


Spot them in a flash with the Glow Track Collar for cats.

Glow track cat tracking collar pic.jpg
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