THE ORANGE CAT TRACKING COLLAR that lights up for nighttime visibility.


The Glow Track Cat Collar makes your cat easy to find while keeping them safe from cars, and birds safe from cats.


This Glow Track lighted cat collar is made as a loop with no buckle, so it's easier to put on, but still breakaway so they will never get hung on a fence. This also makes it super easy to slip off when your cat comes in.


Even better than a glow in the dark collar, the Glow Track has a "light up" button: one click for GLOW, second click for BLINK.  


The tiny watch battery is replaceable if it ever gets dim. You can order replacements from me or pick one up anywhere batteries are sold.


The Cat camera and Tracking devices are sold separately. We will soon be offering a special little RF cat tracker which finds cats in places GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) can't, such as inside buildings, under houses, cars and other dark places cats like to hide.


Combining light plus RF technology that leads you to your cat and beeps, you can find your cat's location down to the inch instead of 50 meters.

And the battery lasts for months instead of the typical GPS tracking pet collar that dies within 48 hours.


The special cat camera has motion detection, as well as night vision. It comes with a cable so it's totally rechargeable. Now you can see what your cat has been up to and know where to look for them if they ever go missing.

Optional cat camera available December 2020. RF cat tracking tag available in March 2021.

Light-up collar for cats $17.50 

Add $10 for custom ID: cat's name & phone #