How to Find a Lost Cat


Finding a lost pet" is more stressful and difficult than most people realize. Finding a lost cat is ever more complex since they require more detailed search techniques than dogs.


Whether you're a lost cat owner who needs help finding your missing cat or a shelter who needs help saving cats, I can help with new 2019 insights and ideas. I also offer instant "How to Find a Lost Cat" educational materials to teach all my best tools & techniques.


As a Lost Cat expert, I've been able to use my Missing Pet Partnership training plus insights from years of experience to find missing cats all over the world. Check out the many success stories at this page:  Happy Reunions Testimonials).


Now, cat owners all over the world can benefit from my success and get up to speed quickly on the technique that's right for their cat.

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Tell me about your Lost Cat here to get my personal advice: your own custom strategy and 24/7 advice and support. Let's work together to find your lost cat.

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Happy Reunions

Lost cat recoveries. Lots of pics + videos of lost cats reunited with loving owners. Inspiring!

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How to improve cat RTO rates
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"Help me find my lost pet!"

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CBS Morning News 
Lost Cat finder featured on the news special report about recovering lost cats.



Lost Cat Finder Pet Detective joins Sheri Soltes for an interview on "how to find a lost cat" and how to avoid the common mistakes most people make in searching for their missing cat.


Time Warner News
The Lost Cat Finder interviewed during a missing cat case in Austin, TX.