How to hire a pet detective for lost cats

A local pet detective search covers requests from lost cat owners within 30 minutes of Decatur, GA. Cases are taken on after a review and analysis of your lost cat. Factors that may affect the determination can include variables such as the situation, terrain, and weather. 


A questionnaire about the cat and basics of the lost cat must be completed before a search begins.


Prior to arrival is a lost cat profiling session in which a  strategy is determined, creation of lost cat flyers, extra-large orange lost cat posters, plus a search map outlining key target search areas.


If you're interested in having me come out with my tools and gear or even my lost pet tracking cat Henry (who handles indoor-only cats who get out, start by reading my "How to Find a Lost Cat" booklet, then get me the info on your missing cat

on my lost cat profiling page


Pet detectives are trained pet finder experts. Getting one on the scene who specializes in lost cats could make all the difference in getting your missing cat back home.



* for availability and questions, call 404 996-0116 or email with LOST CAT HELP in the subject line.


Prefer to search on your own using my guidelines?

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advice from a pet detective

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